Makeup Tips

Alythea Beauty Tips & Techniques - Australian Natural Mineral Cosmetics, Vegan Makeup & Organic Skin Care Products

At Alythea we will always have tips and information to help you along with application of products and how to improve your knowledge and techniques. 

Too Much Shine...
Layering too thickly or pressing into the skin with the brush tends to separate the crystals.

It is easy to avoid this by applying the minerals in thin layers in downward strokes with an appropriate brush (We recommend the Alythea range of vegan brushes).

Keep adding layers until desired coverage has been reached.  It can also help to spritz with a freshener and then blot.

Uneven and Blotchy...
This is usually because the minerals have been applied before the moisturizer has been absorbed, or because the moisturizer being used only lays on the skin surface. The simple solution is to wait a minute for the moisturizer to disappear or to blot any excess.

Wrong Colour...
This was probably chosen in poor lighting. The best way to test for the right colour is to do it on the jaw line in daylight.  The colour should dissipate if it blends perfectly with the skin.

Skin Tickle...
If you get a feeling of ‘tickling’ on the skin or a slight ‘tightness’ around the nose after your first application, don’t worry this could just be a technique issue.

Try applying again using softer, lighter strokes with your broad brush; remember you build layers gently to get the desired coverage.  The skin on your face is very delicate and you may find the use of a dry brush for applying make-up a little strange at first, but go softly and your skin will love you for changing over to Alythea Mineral Cosmetic products.

Mineral Make-up can be applied immediately after a light skin peel or micro dermabrasion.  It will not only cover the redness, but the Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxides are Anti-Inflammatory, which will help to calm any irritation.


If you are perspiring heavily or swimming, don’t wipe your face with a towel or with your hand. Just pat your face dry with a towel.


If you have any questions send us a message at and we will attempt to guide you.