Australian Natural Mineral Cosmetics, Vegan Makeup & Organic Skin Care Products


At Alythea we believe that Health and Beauty go hand in hand and there is nothing healthy or beautiful about toxic chemicals being applied on our bodies... 

  • Alythea Mineral makeup is all Natural, Vegan and Non-Comedogenic. Our vegan makeup is and always will be free from all plastics,  fillers, talcum, and other beauty destroying, harmful chemicals found in many designer and supermarket brands.  
  • Alythea ingredients used in our natural beauty products formulations are Cosmetic Grade and comply with ingredients currently accepted for use in vegan cosmetics in Australia, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and European Union, Japan and Asia.  
  • Alythea select Certified Organic, Australian produced ingredients, such as Certified Organic Shea Butter,  Certified Organic Castor Oil,  Certified Organic Sucrose,  Certified Organic Jojoba Oil,  Certified Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil.
  • Alythea natural beauty products and ingredients are not tested on animals and we do not use Animal Derived Ingredients.
  • Alythea organic beauty products are FREE from Ferric Ferrocyanide, Animal products, Artificial dyes, FD&C colours, Talc, Carmine (also known as Cochineal), Bismuth Oxychloride, Mineral Oil (and its derivatives) and Paraben preservatives.



Carnauba Wax

This wax exudates from the leaves of the Brazilian wax palm tree and is used as a texturizer in foundation makeup, mascara, creams, etc. The CIR Panel concludes that it is a safe natural beauty products ingredient.


Candellila wax

Euphoria Cerifera. Obtained from Candelilla plants for use in vegan lipsticks. Used in Emollients to protect the skin from moisture loss.  The CIR Panel concludes that it is a safe ingredient for natural beauty products natural make up and emollients. 


Jojoba Wax

The semi solid fraction of Jojoba oil. The CIR Expert Panel declare it a safe ingredient in vegan cosmetics.



Australian Clay used in the covering ability of face powder and in absorbing oil secreted by the skin.  Used in foundations, dry blushes, makeup and emollients. Used medicinally to treat intestinal disorders. White or yellow powder insoluble in water. Also used in face masks.


Macadamia Nut Oil

Australian Queensland Nut Oil. Derived from the nut of an evergreen tree.  It is widely cultivated. Used in emollients and in the Alythea liquid lipsticks. Contains Magnesium and Thiamine.  Please avoid if you have a nut allergy.



Mica are Pearls. Any of a group of minerals that are found in crystallized, thin elastic sheets that can be separated easily . They vary in colour from pale green, brown, black or colourless. Ground and widely used as a lubricant colouring in cosmetics and also has the effect of creating a glow in cosmetics.  Colouring permanently listed  for cosmetic use in 1977.  At Alythea only the best quality Mica is used in our vegan cosmetics. 


Orange Oil

Citrus Sinensis - Sweet Orange oil. Yellow to deep orange with orange taste.  Used as a flavour in vegan lipsticks.


Rose Damascena Extract

An extract of the various species of Rose. Used in fragrances, organic makeup and skin creams. Distilled water of Rose - Damask Rose is used in the Alythea Liquid Foundation. 


Titanium Dioxide

The greatest covering and tinting powder of any white pigment. Occurs naturally in three different crystal forms. Used as colouring for vegan cosmetics. 



Vitamin E - a very widely used antioxidant and dietary supplement.  Experimental evidence shows Vitamin E may protect the heart and blood vessels and retard aging. Widely used in skin care as an Antioxidant.  Alythea organic beauty products have been widely enhanced with this wonder product.



These are natural colourings in Blue, Green, Pink, Red and Violet.  Permanently listed in 1976 for Cosmetic use including the eye area.


Xanthum Gum

Corn Sugar Gum. Used as a thickener, an emulsifier and as a stabilizer in natural beauty products.


Zinc Oxide

Used to impart opacity to face powders, foundation creams and dusting powders.  A creamy white ointment used medicinally as an Astringent Antiseptic and protective in skin diseases.  Zinc encourages healing of skin disorders.  Harmless when used in cosmetics. Permanently listed as a colouring in 1977.