Australian Natural Mineral Cosmetics, Vegan Makeup & Organic Skin Care Products

Benefits of Mineral Makeup over traditional cosmetics ...

  • Mineral makeup is manufactured with minerals which are sterilized and crushed into a very fine powder. 
  • It is the purest most natural form of organic makeup.
  • Organic beauty products are easy to apply and blend easily for superior coverage. 
  • Can be applied on freshly dermabrased skin and is beneficial for sensitive skin,  rosacea, acne and other skin ailments. 
  • The skin glows from the powder mineral foundation, taking years off personal appearance.  
  • Is well-suited for hiding the skin’s wrinkles, crow's feet and fine lines, due to the fact that it reflects sunlight.   
  • Natural make up is non-comedogenic, which means it does not block the pores of the skin but instead allows the skin to breathe thereby preventing a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • No Oils are used in the manufacture of powder mineral foundation and liquid mineral foundation : ideal for oily skin complexions.
  • Powder mineral foundation formulations do not need preservatives and have a long shelf life.  (However, always ensure vegan brushes are disinfected regularly).
  • Organic makeups do not contain petro-chemical oils and unnecessary chemical addatives which may harm and be absorbed by the skin.  

Alythea Mineral Makeup ...

  • Products are Australian Made and Australian Owned.
  • Products are Vegan and Cruelty Free.
  • Products are Organic based.
  • Products are Nano Particle Free
  • Has a much lighter, almost weightless character, of high quality, yet does not feel like a ‘mask’ on the skin, unlike heavier chemical-based makeup.
  • Has a  broad spectrum  of UVA and UVB Sun Protection with Zinc and Titanium Dioxide which have anti-inflammatory properties.   
  • Our Vegan Lipsticks and Eye-shadows include beneficial ingredients such as Organic Waxes and Vitamin E to feed and nourish the skin. 
  • Minerals used in Alythea organic skin care products sit on the surface of the skin and help to deflect light helping to promote a healthy glow.

Alythea Mineral Makeup ... 

  • Contain NO paraben preservatives
  • Contain NO chemical dyes
  • Contain NO artificial fragrance
  • Contain NO silicones
  • Contain NO talcum
  • Contain NO harmful chemicals
  • Contain NO animal derived products

Alythea organic beauty products will help you radiate and enhance your natural beauty with health and style.