Powder Mineral Foundations


 Product Description

Alythea Powder Mineral Foundation formulations are  the worlds purest most superior blends you will experience. Made from 100% Australian Minerals, Alythea powder mineral foundation has a glitter free vegan makeup formulation and no shine blend. 

 These Powder Mineral Foundation formulations feel just like a second skin, so light it’s as if you are wearing no makeup at all but give all the coverage that you will want.
The Alythea organic makeup blends contain pharmaceutical grades of Zinc Oxide and boast a very high SPF. Powder mineral foundation formulations are suitable for all skin types and especially for sensitive and oily skin. They are non comedogenic and harmless even if you sleep with your make-up on. This natural beauty products formulation contains Kaolin as a ph Stabiliser. It is added in such a minor quantity that it helps marry the formulation to human skin. It is not a main ingredient, and therefore will not dry your skin.


Alythea Mineral Powder Foundations are free of  Nano particles.

Method of Application

You may need to practice a couple of times to get the best results.  About two very light layers of the powder mineral foundation should be adequate. 

Turn the jar of the powder mineral foundation over, tap the bottom with your finger, turn right side up, and open.  You should find a small amount of powder in the lid. Swirl your brush in the powder mineral foundation, and tap the excess back into the lid. Begin applying with short, feathery, downward strokes and/or light circles. You want the fine hairs and pores of your skin to lay flat, so try and finish with light downward strokes using our vegan brushes.


Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide,
Kaolin, Ultramarine, Tin Oxide.