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Sydney Mineral Makeup

 Alythea is an Australian natural make up brand, created for all  who care about their appearance, health, well-being, and the environment we live in.   

We believe we can make a difference in providing organic skin care products like blushers, bronzers, vegan makeup, liquid mineral foundation, powder mineral foundation, vegan lipsticks and other vegan cosmetics that are manufactured using Natural, Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free, and Beneficial ingredients, to offer vegan cosmetics and organic skin care products which can be enjoyed safely.  


Our Vegan Natural and Organic concept in makeup will have you amazed with the results.  

Many unnecessary chemical ingredients usually present in your everyday cosmetics have been replaced with active and beneficial ingredients to provide a healthy approach to wearing make-up.   

Alythea vegan cosmetics are known and valued  for their soft texture,  brilliant colours, unique formulations and  protective abilities. Improve and enhance your appearance without compromising your health by using vegan cosmetics.

Alythea cosmetics are made from pure Australian crushed minerals. Our organic beauty products have been carefully selected to be compact, versatile and flexible to make it easy for women to create the effect they want without having to acquire different natural beauty products.


Mineral Makeup Starter Pack